Smell Association Denominator



Smell Association Denominator

From 9th until the 21st of January the Smell Association Denominator is inviting the public of Belfast to record their smell memories and associations.

Junction of North St. and Bridge St. Belfast

Evening Reception on Monday the 18th from 6 - 8pm.

Open daily from 12 - 4pm

S.R.I.L. (Smell Reminiscence & Inquiry Lab)
Is an art project initiated by Jan Uprichard as part of the MA Art in Public at University of Ulster.

In addition to the above there will an opening of the on campus exhibition.
Tuesday 19th January 2010, 6.30-9pm
Foyer Belfast Campus, University of Ulster, York St.

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2009年より教えてきた授業「嗅覚のゲーム」が、第5回Art and Olfaction Awards のSadakichi Award 部門にてファイナリストに選ばれました。 photo: Lucia Guglielmetti 今回は自分の作...