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Radio Netherlands Worldwide, 4th of Feb. 2011

Earth Beat, 4 February 2011. From using smell in both architecture and art to influence behaviour and emotion, to customising soundscapes, we examine how smell and sound affect the way we do things.

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Sensory architect
Smell has powerful effects on our behaviour. Richard Mazuch is a director at Nightingale Associates, an architectural firm in London that specialises in this kind of thinking. When he designs hospitals and schools, he takes smell into consideration. He explains how scent can help speed up the healing and learning processes and why his colleagues should stop ignoring it.

Olfactory art historian
Smell has been indirectly used in art since time began. Caro Verbeek is an olfactory art historian or, as she likes to put it, an art historian of the other senses. Host Marnie Chesterton paid her a visit to find out exactly how much olfactory art history there is, and what it is that artists are trying to convey about the environment we live in when they use smell.

Smell artist
Maki Ueda is a visual artist who uses the medium of smell to intensify her work. One of the things she does is try to capture the smell of a place. Marnie went on an olfactory tour of Rotterdam, where Maki lives, and talked to her about what she does.

Smell map
We like the idea of a smell map. Particularly if you can use it to find the way to the one you love. Ross Sutherland has some poetical instructions.

Making the world sound beautiful
Julian Treasure, author of the book Sound Business and chairman of the UK-based consultancy Sound Agency talks to Marnie about how companies can save money and drastically increase staff productivity and profits from the sound they produce. Julian creates what he calls soundscapes, which he believes have an enormous impact on or health and sanity.
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