Electric Eclectics Festival


Electric-Eclectics Festival, カナダ・ミーフォード, 2008.08.01.-03.

Aromatic Journey #3 Canada
Maki Ueda

Maki Ueda will research and find interesting local scents, and extract them on-site. The goal is to find the local and original scents; the scent of daily life, food, drinks, materials, persons, and environment. Because of the evaporating character of the smell molecules, scents cannot be
preserved very long, and therefore it's preferable to work local. Maki Ueda has been making a series of the perfume works under the name “Aromatic Journey” (http://www.ueda.nl/aromatic_journey1). These works focus on the local, extraordinary scents. The local culture is being explored and experienced by means of scent. The results are not a perfume to wear, but to smell and trigger one's imagination.

[extraction during the festival]
Maki Ueda will extract the scents of the chosen subject in a mini-laboratory installed in a caravan. The visitors can visit the caravan and observe the extraction process, and off course they can smell the scents-in-progress.

[exhibition in the museum]
The extracted scents will be exhibited in the museum. The visitors can open the bottles and smell them. Furthermore they can dip a paper-strip in a bottle and bring the strip back home.

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