Season to Taste という本に登場してます

ホントだ! (^^)
'オランダのアーチスト' ってなってるところもグッド。


次のショーはSMELL BAR @ カメラジャパン・フェスティバル(オランダ・ロッテルダム)


Come to Maki’s little atelier and savour her mini-artworks to smell and taste. Extraordinary mini-cocktails and snacks, influenced by molecular gastronomy, with a Japanese touch. UEDA Maki is one of the few artists in the world using smell as a medium. Her interest lies in the scent in the real life, such as the smell of space, the smell of food and drink, the smell of a person, and the smell related to the memories. A CAMERA JAPAN favourite, she has presented her smell and taste related projects and installations worldwide.

ARTIST TALK at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen feat. UEDA Maki & USHIDA Yuya
An extendable sofa made out of 7770 wooden chopsticks and a perfume called the ‘Scents of Holland’. These are only two of the countless creations by industrial designer USHIDA Yuya and olfactory artist UEDA Maki who will discuss their work in person. Joining the two of them, will be Noor MERTENS, the curator of Museum Boijman’s recent ON Kawara exhibit, to talk about the oeuvre of this renowned Japanese conceptual artist.
Cited from the website of Camera Japan Festival: http://camerajapan.nl/